2016 QLD Plumbing & Gas Conference – Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast



THANK YOU from the Committee

Take Charge of Change for Your Industry

The 2016 Conference Committee proudly presented the 2016 QLD Plumbing & Gas Conference, a biennial, whole of industry event that provided a unique opportunity for contracting business owners, designers and installers to come together, discuss common issues and ideas, and drive change for the betterment of the industry. It’s important to ensure we as a collective are providing these opportunities to educate individuals within the construction industry, so our industry maintains it’s professionalism and is continuously developing and adapting to industry changes and demands.

Incorporating new aspects to previous conferences held by the committee, the event included informative sessions on topics that reflect current industry demands, as well as workshops and opportunities for innovation, to provide an open forum for attendees to collaborate together and identify solutions facing them and their industry.

The conference was held over two days with social functions, seminars and workshops for all individuals, as well as a trade component where individuals were able to access the latest products and innovations available to them. A partners program was also available, to provide the opportunity for those working on the admin side of the business to learn techniques to create efficiency in their business, to collaborate on current issues they’re facing and develop strong industry relationships.

All attendees of the conference took away valuable information, accessible for future reference to implement within their work-life, particularly a job involving Leaking Shower Repairs through the Conference Application which provided speakers presentations, notes and any written content from the conference electronically.

Thank you to everyone involved in this important event, and helped us drive more development for perth plumbing services and the gas industry, by taking charge of change!

Penny Cornah, MPAQ

Darrell Vecchio, QGA

Chris Tritton, AHSCA



Chiz Ruxton, IPIQ

Peter McLennan, BPAA